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Business News and Information FrontPage Addons - Factiva iWorks™

Factiva iWorks

Description: Use Factiva iWorks when you need fast, easy access to high quality, relevant content. Factiva iWorks provides respected, authoritative business content from the most influential sources such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times and the Dow Jones and Reuters newswires. No service has the same collection of global sources in up to 22 languages from 118 countries, already indexed and optimized for business use. Whether the facts originated in a newspaper, newswire, trade publication, or a media transcript; Factiva iWorks helps you stay productive and informed.

Installation Instructions -

1. On the Web Part Gallery page, click Upload Web Part.
2. In the Name box, type the name of the Web Part (including the full path to the 'Factiva iWorks.dwp' file), or click Browse.
3. In the Group box, select a group, or under Specify your own value:, type a group name for the Web Part.
4. Click Save and Close.

To uninstall:

1. On the Web Part Gallery page, next to the Web Part you want to remove, click the Edit icon.
2. On the Web Part Gallery: 'Factiva iWorks' page, click Delete.
3. Click OK to delete the Web Part.

User Instruction - Your use of Factiva iWorks requires a subscription. To trial Factiva iWorks, please contact a Factiva representative.

Compatible: FrontPage 2003
Type: Trial
Price: N/a